Review Jurnal Perilaku Konsumen in English


Topic                      : Consumer Behavior
Limitation Problem  : What are the factors that influence consumer behavior in consuming / buying fruit, as     well as what are the dominant factor matter?.
Title                        : Study of the factors that influence consumer behavior in buying and eating local fruit.Author                    : Sudiyarto & Nuhfil Hanani

An understanding of consumer desires will allow marketers can influence consumer decisions, so that it will automatically buy what is offered by the marketer. Competition among brands and products that make consumers have increasingly stringent very influential position in bargaining (Sumarwan, 2003). Food security-oriented approach to food production should begin sliding on food security oriented availability and purchasing power. Consumer tastes and needs will be met if the availabilityproduct and purchasing power are able to cope.
Business needs and consumer tastes fruits can be seen from the flood of imported fruits from both variety and volume. Sumarwan (1999), argued that the influx of imported fruit at the time before the monetary crisis has cornered the local fruits., Competition comes from outside as well as unfavorable pemarintah policy caused many farmers are worse off.
But the financial crisis has increasingly expensive imported fruits and the reduction in the stock market. Understanding consumer behavior fruits is very important information for the market of the agribusiness sector. This information is required as an input to the production plan, develop and market products with good fruit.
What are the factors that influence consumer behavior in consuming / buying fruit, as well as what are the dominant factor matter?.DestinationPurpose of the study is as follows:Analyzing influence factors

social environment;
Marketing strategy on consumer behavior in buying / eating local fruits and imported fruits and see which factors are dominant.Research Methodology
This research includes the study of consumer behavior fruits in Surabaya as well as analyze the competitiveness of fruit (locally on imports) on the basis of the value of consumer confidence attitudes toward a variety of fruits such as (apple; citrus and grapes). So the location of the study determined knowingly spreading study site is the location of destination marketing pieces targeting the end consumer, the city of Surabaya.
The number of respondents were 140 respondents, determined that accidental fruit consumers interviewed by the following criteria:1). Fans (excited) to eat fruit;2). Regular buyer of fruit at least once a month;3). Representing the family4). Family income.

Data collection method used was a survey method withusing research instruments:Data AnalysisThe purpose of this study was analyzed using the Structural EquationModel (SEM), also called Structural Equation Model (MPS) withusing software (soft ware) AMOS.ResearchThe hypothesis of this study is that the variables1). Cultural Influence Consumer Attitudes Toward2). Influence Consumer Attitudes Toward Social Environment3). Characteristics Influence Consumer Attitudes Toward Individuals4). Psychological Influence Consumer Attitudes Toward5). Influence Consumer Attitudes Toward Marketing Strategy.Conclusion
Some of the conclusions obtained from the results of this study are:Factors that influence the attitudes of consumer confidence in buying fruit, showed that:1. Change ‘culture’ and increase ‘psychological’ consumers, can improve significantly the attitude-belief in the buying / eating local fruit.2. Consumers do not need to consider the ‘Environment sosial’ her in buying local fruit and enhancement characteristics of an’ individual ‘consumers do not make up the attitude of belief in the buying / eating local fruit.3. Consumers do not feel any ‘marketing strategy’ pursued by companies / marketers that can support the increase ‘kepercayaan’ his attitude in buying / eating local fruits.Suggestion:1. Local fruit needs to be treated as a more valued intheir own country.2. Competitiveness of local fruit so improved through: marketing strategyand increased attributes.



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