cerpen ( mygirlfriend )

When I was Senior High School, I knew her. Even if we didn’t ever meet, we were always sent a message each other with SMS (Short Message Service). She was a good girl, cared and funny. After a week, she asked me to be his boyfriend. At the moment, I didn’t want, because I didn’t love her. After some days, she asked me again but I rejected her. Then, she said that she would to go if I didn’t accept her. Finally, I forced to accept her to be my girlfriend, my first girlfriend, because I didn’t want she went, not cause I loved her.

When she was birthday, i gave she a ring. she was happy. I felt nothing again that I want because I had her. I invited her to went a restaurant. Then, we ate in japanese food. She say thanks to me. And then we went to dufan, we tried most of the rides in there. We had visited rollercoaster, the game makes me us dizzy. After that we tried other rides. When we were thirsty she bought me a drink. Time is getting late, we decided to go home. I passed all with happiness.

when it came to her house, I was accosted by his parents. they are friendly. I sat down beside her. ago I was invited to dinner by her parents. then we ate friedchicken, his mother loves to cook friedchicken. The dining table is also available orange juice. we talk about my hobbies, my personality and others. Long after then I said goodbye to her parents and thank them for dinner

Next day, we are visited in galleryindonesia at mall grand indonesia , we buy ticket in locket, we are saw picture of indonesian culture, when show was started, we are sitting on the top, show its over, we are exit from gallery. Then we are ate in restaurant. After that, we are visited music booth beside material booth. Then we go home.



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