gerund,invinitive,and adverb

Gerund and Infinitive
Questions + answered

1. Tasya wishes … her grandparents more often.
a. Visiting
b. To Visit

2. I dislike … money on non-essential items.
     a. Spending
b. To spend

3. I watched two lions … in the grass in South Africa.
a. To sleep
b. Sleeping 

4. We promise … in touch with our clients.
  a. To stay
b. Staying

5. My mother taught me not … about my academic work.
a. Lying
b. To lie

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Adverb of Time

Example :

  1.  Goldilocks went to the Bears’ house yesterday.
  2.  I’m going to tidy my room tomorrow.
  3.  I, together with my pals, already have eaten lunch.
  4.  She’ll prepare for the final test from now to the next saturday.
  5.  I paid a call my friend in the hospital last week.

Adverb of Place


  1.  The child went indoors.
  2.  He lived and worked abroad.
  3.  The ceremony was being held outdoors.
  4.  Chris is going to work overseas.
  5.  The road twists uphill.

Adverb of Manner

Example :

  1.  The little girl ran quickly. In this sentence quickly modifies the verb ran (to run).
  2.  The rich woman learned from experts how to arrange flowers beautifully.
  3.  Students have to walk calmly in the school.
  4. Please read the instructions carefully before you filling the form.
  5.  He wanted to know the difference between working hard and working smart.

Adverb of Frequency

Example :

            1. always do my homework on time. – In this sentence always shows us the frequency (how often) I do my homework on time.

  1.  She goes out occasionally. – In this sentence occasionally shows us the frequency (how often) she goes out.
  2.  I always update the calendar at the beginning of the month.
  3.  Poetria often takes notes during the Skype sessions.

           5. usually have to get up early to walk Laika.


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