tugas bahasa inggris



Complete each sentence with one of these verbs :

  1. He tried to avoid answering my question.
  2. Could you please stop making so much noise?
  3. I enjoy listening to music. 
  4. I considered applying for the job but in the end I decided against it.
  5. Have you finished washing your hair yet? 
  6. If you walk into the road without looking, you risk to be knocked down.
  7. Jim is 65 but he isn’t going to retire yet. He wants to carry on working.
  8. I don’t mind you using the phone as long as you pay for all your calls.
  9. Hello! Fancy seeing you here! What a surprise! 
  10. I’ve put off writing the letter so many times. I really must do it today.
  11. What a stupid thing to do! Can you imagine anybody being so stupid?
  12. Sarah gave up trying to find a job in this country and decided to go abroad.


Complete the sentences so that they mean the same as the first sentence. Use –ing.

  1.  can do what I want and you can’t stop me. You can’t stop me doing what I want.   
  2.  It’s not a good idea to travel during the rush hour. It’s better to avoid driving in rush hours    
  3. Shall we go away tomorrow instead of today? Shall we postpone going today untiltomorrow 
  4. The driver of the car said it was true that he didn’t have a licence. The driver of the car admitted saying that he didn’t have a licence
  5.  Could you turn the radio down, please? Would you mind turning down the radio please?
  6. Please don’t interrupt me all the time. Would you mind stop interrupting me all the time.


Complete each sentence with a suitable verb.

  1. Don’t forget to post the letter I gave you 
  2. There was a lot of traffic but we managed to get to the airport in time.
  3. Jill has decided not to drive a car 
  4.  We’ve got a new computer in our office. I haven’t learnt to operate it yet
  5. I wonder where sue is. She promised not to be late.
  6. We were all to afraid to speak. Nobody dared to speak anything.



Put the verb into the correct form, to… or –ing. (See Unit 52 for verb + -ing.)

  1. When I’m tired, I enjoy watching television. It’s relaxing. (watch)
  2. It was a nice day , so we decided to go for a walk.(go) 
  3. it’s a nice day. Does anyone fancy going for a walk? (go)
  4. I’m not in a hurry. I don’t mind to wait. (wait) 
  5. They don’t have much money. They cant afford going out very often. (go) 
  6. I wish that dog would stop barking its driving me mad. (bark)
  7. Our neighbor threatened to call the police if we didn’t stop the noise. (call) 
  8. We were hungry, so I suggested to have dinner early. (have)
  9. Hurry up ! I don’t want to risk missing the train. (miss)
  10.  Im still lookingfor a job but I hope to find something soon. (find)

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